decorazione sartoria celentano

Swatch books from the likes of John G. Hardy and Holland&Sherry are always present in great numbers, so to be studied and browsed.

These fabric relive admirably under the Masters hands.

The weight of the cloth is always substantial, important even, so to be adequate for a suit that requires not less than 60 hours of manufacturing.

Many cuts of clothes rest on the shelves around the Sartoria.

“They must mature” warns the Master.

They have to acquire the right softness and feel by sitting next to each other.

Sometimes the weight of the fabric can be so great (some whipcord can reach 900 grams per meter) that scares off some customers, especially young ones that have been spoiled by the contemporary textile industry that produces lightweight fabrics.

These practices make it difficult for young men to truly comprehend the language and peculiarity of ancient and heavy cloth. The Master has always worked with fabrics that are rigorously from England and knows like no other their noble and glorious past, “fabrics that have made the history of tailoring and elegance”.

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